Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fixing up dents

A new pair of shoes made in L.A. from People are People
Global Brand Ben Chan new shirt
Elegant Urban travel bag, black with white vertical stripes, loved by everyone.
All of Bob Ong weird books

So far, these were what I bought as gifts for myself during the past months of working and supporting my family back home. -haha-

Well just thought of posting it because of the happiness it brings and its weird self-boosting effects to work harder.

By the way, I hate seeing the gap since my last post. Who would love that gap? It’s a couple of months now. Have I been too busy? I don’t think so. I apologize for those who were deceived that I was like busy as a bee. The truth is, totoy juan have been too lazy, not with work, but with writing my thoughts.

This post is an indicator that I’m ‘trying’ to fix dents up and bring back the zest of writing and blogging that has taken its back seat. Thanks to Aethen of aethen.com. Bro, your sending of wise and ‘pasaway’ text messages constantly reminded and reminds me of revving up ‘again’ this substantial hobby of blogging.

Thanks achiever! I haven’t tried the UNYT of Globe yet but thanks for inviting.

The Great God has been so good in my life for the past months. My job here in Manila gave me precious learning experiences packed with a cool new environment and cool new people to work and enjoy days with.

My time spent with the Mangyans in Mindoro in the previous weeks was a life-changing indulgence. Witnessing their ways of life in person, learning a little bit of the Alangan language, eating with them, observing their rituals made me better understand my roles in this pilgrimage and my responsibility over it.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to part of a program that would lead them to a better socioeconomic and spiritual situation.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Teaching or projects?

I realized I am enjoying working with private companies especially consulting firms. Many were asking why I don’t pursue teaching, to pursue what I have achieved in college. I answered them as always, “teaching will be my last resort in terms of career”. However, teaching will always be part of my every day living, everywhere I go.

Pero sayang ung mga pinag-aralan mo.”

I admit, somehow it is true. But apart from my course I also focused on the extra-curricular activities like the college publication, the student government, interpersonal and intrapersonal development groups, arts and culture clubs, English clubs and others. These endeavors imparted necessary knowledge and skills which I am utilizing nowadays. Meaning, my four-year stay in college didn’t go to waste. God had a purpose.

Ayaw mo ba ng mas stable na job?”

My life in projects is not stable. I know. But I suppose, it’s too early for me to be permanent in a firm. On the other hand, consultants are encouraging me to engage in NGOs and private entities while furthering my education and taking care of my name while I am still young.

What’s the point?

Well, there is a greater advantage since there are greater possibilities of getting into different projects. You may be indulged in mine site plannings, resettlement schemes, urban infrastructure development, educational improvement, poverty reduction and institutional enhancements, capacity building assistance and many others. It might be local or international. Thus, more travel, more learning, more fun and more more.

In addition, I might be a better teacher if I start with these endeavors, isn't it?

Thoughts after farewell

I’m a little MBUSSP-sick.

My stint with the project has ended but I’ve learned I should sustain my attachment with the whole team. Or shall I say, “I must!” Who knows? I’ll still be working with them on other projects later on.

Naturally, I miss the whole MBUSSP team, and also the LGU functors of the Mindanao Region. Working with them was a wonderful learning experience, a taxing challenge and a blessing in my early professional years.

But the other side of me gives me feelings of guilt – guilt of leaving one of my favorite consultants. On the approval of the supplemental budget for the last remaining months of the Mindanao-wide assistance, they offered me the official project assistant slot of Project Component C. But earlier than the offer, I already accepted the invitation of my previous leader, Tita Bing, for the Mindoro Nickel Project.

The guilt is part of the reality I must accept. I bet there will be more farewells. More to the fact, Tita Bing was the first consultant who hired me for my first ever professional engagement. She trained and molded me and paved the way to brighter opportunities. I would be so mean to reject the invitation.

I'm in Antipolo, Rizal right now and excited for a fresh endeavor and experience in Mindoro Island.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm hired!

“Hi Quincy. You (do) have a place at MBUSSP. I’m in the process of finalizing the arrangements for the extension of Norconsult with DILG. I will advise you early next (month).”

I was overwhelmed.

And I was challenged.

The message was from the Senior Management Adviser of Norconsult Management Services (Philippines) Inc. and the Team Leader of the Mindanao Basic Urban Services Project, Mr. Herman Z. Ongkiko.

First week of February, I received an email from the Administrative Officer of the company requesting me to report to Cagayan de Oro City on the 15th of February, 2008 for workshop.

I’m hired!

Now, I’m conquering the “Promise Land” of the Philippines with a job that gave me great opportunities to work for the greater Glory of the Lord, precious chances of sharpening my personality, priceless privileges of friendship, exposure, adventure and learning.

To my indefatigable Nanay who has fervently perfected her role as our mother and at the same time our father, to my siblings for the inspiration, strength and love, to my cousins, titas and titos and to my former boss, Tita Bing, and to my mentors back in my 16 years of conventional schooling, I would thank many people from the bottom of my heart but to you my heart has no bottom.

I dedicate this job to the Lord and to my Tatay.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A recollection of success and a simple celebration

The four (4) months of staying in Mindanao was a priceless and precious experience. Swerving through the roads of the ‘promise land’ passing through bridges over deep wide rivers, unwinding in the beaches of Surigao, mingling with people from different sorts of life, laughing out loud with our friends from the Muslim community, hotel hopping and masticating luxurious food for free – these were things I never thought I could plunge into!

But there was one event that really overwhelmed me while I was there forcing my body to move out every morning to battle short-time sleep.

Third week of September 2007, a week before my birthday. Davao-bound from Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, we dropped by Harbor Lights Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City to stay for the night. The next morning, while having a meeting with my boss regarding our liquidation during our past activity, my mother called up from home, in front of the computer, she was checking the licensure examination for teachers list of successful examinees at Inquirer.net - she reported I passed.

I was speechless for a while, thank God and told my boss about it and there she started sharing the news to our fellow workers in the dining hall!

Felicitations filled and I was overwhelmed. God is awesome.

My officemates were suggesting a celebration. Too unfortunate, we didn’t have much time.

We went to Kidapawan City, North Cotabato the following week and stopped at a pick and grill restaurant serving my favorite deep fried ‘hito’ (too bad, I can’t find it here in Negros Occidental). There was an acoustic band playing for the customers from table to table and later they played for a group of young people next to us. Surprisingly, two among them sang in lieu of the band’s soloist.

I was already munching the 'hito' then while I overheard how they sang the songs! It was pretty relaxing and cool. I’m a lover of music and I can’t help but glance at them once in a while, trying hard to listen more. I can’t help it. I wanted them to sing more songs.

Alright! I was so mean! But I just love them sing more songs!

Later did I know that the Implementation Coordinator of the Project from Kidapawan City knows the two girls and so I asked her if she can request them to sing for us. My boss related that I passed the Board Exam and it will be my birthday few days from then.

What looked like our supper became a little celebration. They agreed immediately and invited the band to accompany them and there, all the eyes on us. (Please bear with the amateur cell phone video.):

part 1

part 2

part 3

I was impressed. Not only with how they sang but with how they accepted a little request and gave an enjoying part in my simple celebration, my simple thanksgiving for the goodness of the Lord during those days. Too bad, I didn't get their names and email addresses. (Toink!) I still wish to meet them sometimes - while eating 'hito' again.

Those were two of the awesome birthday gifts I have ever received. Unwrapped and no ribbons – but deeply prized and will stay with me for the rest of my life.